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Holiday Mindfulness

I intentionally want to make this short and sweet. We are all ramping up with busyness due to the holiday season. It’s that time of year for getting together to celebrate with our families. However, we all know it’s quite different from the holidays of years past. How are you dealing with it? For some, Thanksgiving was business as usual with thousands ignoring safety warnings related to preventing the spread of the corona virus by not traveling, they never checked up. For my husband and I, we cancelled flight plans of meeting our children in another state. Instead, we decided to use the tickets at a later time when it is healthier to do so. That meant Thanksgiving was quite different, because my large and normally, loud, gregarious family decided not to get together due to being mindful of each other’s health. The worst part about all of this, though, not being able to see my children at Thanksgiving and praying I will be able to for Christmas.

My immediate family wanted to be mindful of not only our own health but that of others, too. We decided to do our part to try to stop the spread. I am thankful for having mindful children and family members, even though we all felt the sting of not having the noise, food, camaraderie and laughter in one of our homes. My children, husband and I made do by eating together via Zoom. It worked out, and I’m grateful for technology that enabled us to do that.

Through all of this, this event has made me continue to evaluate where I am when it comes to the corona virus pandemic, its renewed rise in cases and deaths, and how important it is for us to try to help take care of each other. It also brings to mind the question of why can’t we all be that mindful? I continue to see people in stores, businesses, restaurants, hospital settings, you name it, without masks and lack of social distancing. I must admit, it incenses and exasperates me all at the same time. What part of this is a pandemic do they not understand and why? Then I have to come to the realization that it’s due to a few reasons, perhaps. Some believe the virus is not real. If it is real, it is just like the flu, and they won’t get it. If they do get it, they will just be mildly sick. Some place finances over lives. Or, lastly, and unfortunately, they just do not care. They won't care until it happens to them or someone they know and love. Yet, I remain hopeful that everyone will get to a point that the light bulb will come on and everyone will begin to think beyond themselves, their social desires and frames of reference.

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As we go into the Christmas season, and a new year, it is my sincere hope that mindsets will begin to turn and, in turn, begin to turn this situation around. And, there is hope that developing vaccines will work. Mindfulness is thinking beyond oneself and placing others well-being and care into each thought process. I want to continue to do that and to encourage others to do the same. Won't you join me in caring for your fellow beings?

Please drop a comment on how you're coping and adapting to our new normal. Meanwhile, I wish you well-being and loads of self-care.

Warmest of wishes,

Dr. Pat

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