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Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

Dr. Pat Looking Forward.

I took a quick break from blogging/writing and podcasting over the holidays to just rest and recharge. It was good. Now, for all of us, it’s time to move on to a new year and new experiences. However, before we can do that, we must make sure we are taking good care of ourselves, first. That’s what this blog is about, self-care.

On my podcast, I have spoken with an array of beautiful, smart, talented, and dynamic women who share tips on how to honor your feelings, match goals with your values and what to do when stressed. My goal is to share information that will help us to practice self-care throughout the year by starting right now, in January.

You can learn about the various ways to take care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health by listening to Season 3 of This Life Prof Life Podcast here:

We can all agree, 2020 was a force to be reckoned with. A pandemic hit the world, we went on lock-down, people became very sick, and many even died. Finally, we entered a new year in 2021 with all of our hopes and dreams yearning for a better year. Well, I am in that frame of mind, too. I have kicked off the year, not only personally, but with my podcast, too, addressing self-care methods that we can take with us throughout the year. It’s something, I’m sure, we could all be better at doing. Though it focuses on women in higher education, the expertise and tips shared by my guests can be something that anyone and everyone can use to take better care of themselves this year. So, be sure to listen to Season 3 of This Prof Life: Women of Color in Higher Education. I know you will learn something and enjoy it all at the same time.

I am interviewing licensed counselors, therapists and scholars who share expertise and tips on how to take care of yourself in more direct and intentional ways. You can listen to the podcast, This Prof Life: Women of Color in Higher Education on my website,

In the meantime, what things are you doing to help you live a better, more well-intended and less stressed life? Share them here or in the comment section of my blog. I do read them. Let’s start the self-care, better-care, journey together. I am determined to do it.

Until next time,

Dr. Pat

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Dr. Pat Sanders
Dr. Pat Sanders
Jan 28, 2021

c.southward, I definitely agree. Those sound like some really wonderful ways to disconnect from the grid! Thanks for commenting.


I take time to unplug & have what I call "me" time. This is a time that I focus entirely on myself doing things that I enjoy. It may be reading, pampering myself, not answering phonecalls, watching my favorite shows, etc. It helps me to recharge. Self-care is definitely something that we should all practice!

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